A speaker cable for low power amplifiers. Inspired by 47 Laboratory. Untested concept cable!

Will the minimalist approach to cable design work for you? As the cost of the cable is well under $4 for an 8' pair, I invite everyone who's amp qualifies to try it for themselves.

Do not use with amplifiers over 50 watts.


Any Cat 5 plenum-rated data cable, but one with a rip cord such that the jacket can be easily removed. Alcatel / Berk-tek is commonly available. One length of cable will yeild four lengths of speaker cable.


The bare wires are inserted directly into the binding posts.


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Remove the jacket. Separate the four twisted pairs of FEP insulated solid core 24 AWG copper. Each pair will make a cable. One wire positive, the other negative. Strip the insulation from the ends.

Electrical data for Endeavour-one :

Calculated inductance, uH/m Listed capacitance, pF/m Calculated resistance, ohms/m
0.54 45 0.16

As the electrical parameters indicate, this cable should perform well except in the event that the high resistance becomes a problem. As a rule of thumb keep the cable resistance below the amplifier's output impedance. Also keep the operational output power below 25 watts. The cable's natural partners are single-ended and/or zero feedback amplifiers.