RJM Audio

DIY Solutions for Phono, Line, and Headphone Amplification.

phonoclone.com is the website of RJM Audio. You'll find a complete list of the documented projects on the DIY projects page. Many recent projects have printed circuit boards for them and these are sold on the printed circuit boards page together with selected kits.

The current active, supported projects are the VSPS and Phonoclone phono stages, the Emerald phono stage, and the Sapphire headphone amplifier.

Comments and suggestions are always appreciated.

Richard Murdey [ rjm003.geo at yahoo.com ]

About RJM

Richard Murdey, born in the UK and educated in Canada, is currently a research scientist at the University of Kyoto, Japan, where he is working on organic semiconductors and hybrid devices. Since his early student days, he has developed an interest in DIY electronics: activities that lead to him establishing RJM Audio in 1999, a web site specializing in providing "homebrew" recipes and kits to the DIY audio community. Richard's forte is making attractive, electrically optimized board layouts, though he also enjoys simulation, electronics theory, and circuit design.

VSPS 60b